Monday, May 07, 2012

Applying ourselves

A bank holiday today. Lorraine spent it working on her exhaustive application for headteacher for the local school, and I helped her with it for the day. We did break off, blinking in the light, to go to the Supermarket and to drop keys off so that Dawn could kindly let Alf the plumber into the Twitten tomorrow. Having done this, was messaged to say that the problem seems to have righted itself, so unbooked the plumber and so on.

Spoke to the Tobster in the evening, as he sat at his desk before starting his evening work. Looking forward greatly to seeing him at Romy in July. Another deluge starting in the night. April was the wettest or second wettest since records began, and this month is not much better. But still we are told the drought continues as the land is so compacted that the water is running straight off it.

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