Sunday, May 20, 2012

The snick of summer

Goaded by an all night headache which gradually wore off as the day progressed. Lorraine working again all day in preparation for her headship interview. I worked companionably on The New Idea on my desk next to Lorraine's, when I wasn't reading about Chelsea's victory last night. Dawn came around in the afternoon armed with organic carrot cake, and I left the ladies to education discussions.

I took myself off to walk in the breezy sunshine around Preston Park, and ambled about for an hour or so, pausing to watch a few overs of a Ladies cricket match and feeling like Summer was coming, hearing the snick of willow on leather cricket ball.

Have almost finished listening to Wolf Hall which I have done when not writing or thinking about The New Idea, which seems to be progressing by blurts of writing, and hours of thinking. Cooked a nice meal for Lorraine tonight of my own invention. L is bearing up surprisingly well. Next weekend will be the same, as her interview is Monday week. She needs a holiday. And so do I.

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