Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beth pops up

Up early and in a frenzy of tidying up and activity. Sun pouring in through the velux windows this morning galvanising Lorraine and I into a frenzy of tidying up and activity including painting the last remaining mauve wall white. Why does anybody paint mauve onto a wall other than to signify their own moral degeneracy?

Lorraine told by Beth to expect a surprise delivery at 11:30 today. And the delivery proved to be of Beth herself and three pals from college, Olivia, Liza and Emily. Lorraine and I had arranged to meet Matt and Wayne in the Bath Arms for a late roast lunch, and the girls came too. Beth's friends proving cheery and likable - although Olivia had just lost a friend in a car crash so was putting on a brave face.

Beth took her pals off to look at the pier, where two had their fortunes told, and went on various rides. Matt needed some shoes, so L, Wayne and I went shoe shopping with him. As we were leaving the Bath Arms bumped into Mark Gandey, who had just missed meeting Beth. Then to a shoe shop with a sale, where Matt bought a pair of red trainers, and I found a bargain pair of soft gold shoes, with green laces. We both wore them out of the store. A quick coffee in the Marwood before Lorraine and I went to the seafront and pier. A fresh sunny day, was beaming down, the beach teeming with people, and it felt like summer.

Into the Basketmakers on the way home, before the girls caught their train. I had a couple of lime and sodas, feeling dehydrated and a wan. Home to watch the nail biting end to the football season, with Manchester City winning the league in the fourth minute of extra time.

And so to bed.

Below bargain gold shoes.

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