Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Deer in the rain

Ghastly night's sleep, and when I did fall asleep I woke up in states of anxiety. Off to work in the murky morning, missing my train by around ten seconds. Saw a deer bold by the trackside from the next train north and had an overwhelming desire to get off the train and follow it into the woods.

Listening to the Claire Tomalin's Dickens autobiography. Really enjoying this book. Increasing admiration for how much sheer bloody work Dickens did.

Lorraine made me some filled baps to take to work, which unfortunately I ate before 11 in the morning. The day dragged a bit, but a nice chat with the FB about a telecaster he is about to buy before close of play. He has got wildly enthusiastic about guitars in the last six months or so, he is approaching his music methodically learning chords and scales and so on.

Train home delayed and crawling southbound. The homeward journey taking almost two and a half hours. Rather good to be home despite it being late. Lorraine and I had a much needed early night.

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