Thursday, May 17, 2012


Monkish and solitary, I worked hard on The New Idea and made steady progress. This broken only by saying hello to Sonia who came by for a cleaning bout and by talking to mum about a peskily convincing item of spam. A chat too, with Betty telling me about upcoming rehearsals for a piece she is in called Daisy pulls it off, she also thoughtfully texted me to watch the new episode of Big Bang Theory which I duly did, along with a new US series called Two Broke Girls, which is sassy.

Breaking off from adjusting the hair shirt, I read Wolf Hall, which I think is a wonderfully sustained piece of work. Otherwise little going on. Lorraine out with some of her pals tonight.  Richard sent me a poem about Zombies, which was thoughtful. I think zombies get a bad name.

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