Friday, May 25, 2012

Betty pulls it off

Sweltering day up in the rafters working on The New Idea in the morning, and wasting time in the afternoon, before Lorraine and I galloped off in the sun to the station and caught the train to Kingston. A fast bite to eat, and then off to the theatre in Beth's college to see a production of Daisy Pulls It Off in by Denise Deegan which Betty had a part.

I really enjoyed this play, which was a nicely constructed pastiche of 1920s boarding school girl's fiction full of plucky girls. Nothing deep or profound about it, but that was fine by me. Sometimes a few laughs is all the profound you need. The two leads were very believable, and Beth was funny and confident in her role too.

Off for a quick drink afterwards, with Betty and some of her pals, before Lorraine and I had to dash back to the station -- a shame we had to leave early. Home after midnight.

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