Friday, May 18, 2012

Avoiding hypochondria

Oddly weak and shaky today, but thankfully succeeded in not turning this into a festival of hypochondria. Worked fruitfully on the New Idea this morning, and then made off to the Twitten to let Alf in to fix the shower. He was almost an hour late, and as it was raining hard outside I sat at my old table and listened to a movie podcast on my iPhone, feeling a bit like an intruder in my old house.

In the evening Lorraine and I taxied off to see John, who has having a dinner party with his pal Wendy, a Glaswegian woman who works in HR for major stores. She was nice. Wayne, Matt, Lorraine and me were the other guests. We celebrated eight years of John having lived in his current flat, which overlooks the sea at Hove the view serrated by verdigris green beach huts extending along the seafront. Lots of tasty food, and pleasant chats - although an undercurrent of sadness from John I think, as he moved into the flat after breaking up from the love of his life, who he has never really got over. Another taxi home and straight to bed.

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