Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Shards and stools

The Shard spearing into low murky cloud this morning. Spoke to Hamish, a freelance designer at the agency, was telling me that he had worked on visualisations of the shard dropping computer generated images of it into the surrounding landscape, so whenever he goes past it, it still surprises him to see it unfinished.

A pleasant day at the agency. Popped out to buy lunch from the  King of Falafel with Nicola.  Then an afternoon writing a report about how Inflammatory Bowel Diseases impact people's working lives. Although I am finding there is only so much reading about loose stools  I can do without wanting to think about something else.

Home reading Jung and shooting zombies. Lorraine cooking surprisingly delicious roast vegetables and couscous, and later skyping on her iPad with Betty.

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