Sunday, May 06, 2012

Divas and old pals

Woke up annoyingly early, and started some writing just after seven. As yesterday, off to Arkwrights and was just enjoying the sight of an enthusiast leaning out from the kerb to photograph vintage buses coming down the street where I was accosted by a rude man wanting directions, and when I was formulating the answer, he barked ‘don’t you know?’.

It is good, occasionally, to take an instant dislike to people as it saves time.

Walked Mum up to Janet's and hung about chatting with folks at Diva II for some time. I walked with Ken down to Seven Dials, who gave me the benefit of some lively opinions about politics. Home feeling rather wan, my throat is closed up and sore. Spent the afternoon lounging about feeling rather ill while poor Lorraine slaved on her application form for a headteacher role in a local school. Then we drove up to collect Mum and bring her home for cups of tea and tomato soup before walking her off to the station.

Lorraine and I then went to the Cricketers to Anton and Christiane, Anton’s lovely cousin who I'd not seen since she had moved to Australia. Her husband is a big ‘didge’ player, and has some sort of didgeridoo band. Anna joined us too once babysitters were in place, and after a cheery drink we went to the Vietnamese restaurant nearby called Pho. Fairly nice food there. Home by taxi and Lorraine and I slumped happily into bed.

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