Monday, January 02, 2012

Work and leisure

Beautiful sunny morning, out and about briefly in Brighton first thing, and then spent much of the day working on this kind of thing in preparation for the album launch in Feb. Lorraine working on another thing to do with her headship. L and I seem to have worked hard all through the holiday.

Betty went back to Kingston today, and Lorraine drove her up in the afternoon and returned home late. Good to see her so cheery and looking forward to getting on with her University life. A boy has also caught her eye lately, which is nice. Found myself handing out advice, and stopped. Sam also decided to return to Leeds today, and Lorraine legged off to the station to say goodbye.

In between doing the site I had a happy hour watching Larry Saunders and later Match of the Day. Lorraine back late in time to see Chelsea score their late winner.

Up to the smoke to do another stint in London. Lorraine and I going to bed late as the rain started thundering on the old church hall roof. Another week off would have been nice, but good to have some doubloons coming in right away as what with tax bills, christmas, CDs and the general rise in prices I seem to be spending cash as fast as I earning it.

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