Saturday, January 07, 2012

Folly by water

Quite refreshed this morning. To The Coast for 11, after a leisurely breakfast with everyone. Suddenly found myself buying lots of new clothes in a sudden spending spree, but actually getting real bargains and enjoying the experience as I have been feeling a bit raggedy.

Met up with Anna's clan and we all went to the harbour, in an event organised by Luke we all climbed aboard two boats, drank sparkling wine and were gently puttered down the Medina side by side until we reached a restaurant and pub called The Folly. Had a pleasant lunch there, before taking the return trip. Just really great fun to be scooting about on the water with everyone. One of the boatmen let Oskar drive for a while, which was splendid for him.

Back to Cowes, then even more shopping for me, and I bought Lorraine a handbag and wallet and we gossiped with the owner of the shop lengthily. She was from London and was really enjoying life on the Isle of Wight.

After a judicious snooze, all back to The Coast for a large and excellent meal (my main course lobster ravioli). An excellent musician, singing and dancing. Anna, among others dancing on top of the bar late at night. Luke and Lewis working really hard to make sure everything was great for us all. Really good night, and the coast's clientele varied and maverick.

Anton and I carried the children downstairs. I was paranoid about dropping Klaudia going downstairs. And the walk home seemed to go on for ages as my arms felt like they were pulling out of their sockets. Klaudia not a wee thing any more.

Below Gemma, Joe, Lorraine Mark, Anton and Stephanie; David, Anna and Anton, Oskar, Klaudia and a puppy, Anna with her brother Luke and sister Gemma in the background.

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