Saturday, January 21, 2012

No drag

Lorraine off to get a haircut in Hove. I walked with her and found a cafe and sat happily tinkering with a poem for an hour or so with a big mug of coffee. First time I have done anything like this for ages. Thought about Toby sitting in Creama cafe Toronto.

Later Lorraine arrived with excellent hair, and we shot off to buy a present for Klaudia whose 8th birthday is imminent. Also L and I bought ping pong bats and balls for ourselves, reasoning that if we play frenzied ping pong every now and then this may be a good thing. Lorraine adding with a dark look that it would be good to do something competitive.

In the evening off out for a few cheeky beers in The Basketmakers, with Matt and Wayne. Wayne now growing his hair which is proving remarkably curly. I was trying to get opinions about what to wear for the concert, deciding against cummerbund, top hat etc. this time. Little forthcoming, but I rejected suggestions of doing it in drag.

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