Friday, January 20, 2012

The cringe before the storm

Sending off listings and press releases for our launch concert. All beginning to happen now, the introverted sub-personality hidden inside me is cringing already about the preening and prancing about I will be subjecting it to.

To the gym for more manful striving.

In the evening to The Dyke Tavern, which used to be an unwelcoming hole best avoided, but is now quite pleasant. Met Lorraine and Dawn there, and some of Lorraine's ex-neighbours, including JD and Sarah, Angie and Patrick, Nicky and David, James, Dan and Steve Geliot. Steve and JD collaborated on the large inflatable spaceship featured in this blog in 2010. Otherwise, Lorraine and I had much fun giggling with Dawn.

Lorraine and I treated ourselves to a hot curry, and my favourite waiter told us that he had encountered my blog.

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