Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost in tweaking

Low key day spent tweaking a poster for the launch concert. I can get happily lost in design work, look up from the screen and discover that hours have flown by. Though spoke to Mum a couple of times. Mason has a throaty infection and is on antibiotics which space him out.

Gym again. A bad day for communication. Attempts to contact people failed.

Lorraine home early today, and we had a happy time. She cooked a turkey pie, which was delicious. Sat about reading companionably on the gold sofa in the evening: I started Charlotte Grey by Sebastian Faulks; Lorraine read the Times Educational Supplement.

Matt texted me to say he had finished the music for Ophelia, and did I have another character to make it a group of three poems done with spoken word and musical backing (along with Minotaur, which is on the album).

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