Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shakey in the evening

A pleasant day. Felt cheery just walking off to Arkwrights this morning to buy some bacon and eggs. Meditating on how happiness can be found in small things, such as a walk to nearby shops on a Sunday morning. Nothing happened of any consequence, and the short walk is not a lovely one.

Breakfast with Betty. She makes Lorraine laugh lots, which is nice to see. Beth trying to think of a new stage name, and saying that she didn't like Beth much. Lorraine disagreed, naturally, having chosen it for her. The three of us out shopping and then Betty went off to see her dad, and Lorraine and I did some deskwork, before she cooking a delicious Sunday roast.

In the evening off to support The Shakespeare Trio who were playing a few hundred yards away in The World's End pub. Betty came too for a while before having to scoot off back to college. A long set from Dipak and Richard, but in a poorly lit corner of the pub where it was hard to see them without craning your neck.

Dipak looks increasingly relaxed on stage, which was good to see. Chatted to Maria Grazia, Richard's guitarist wife, also a bit to Pemma who runs the London Unity Wednesday nighters.

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