Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Rain gouting from the sky I, however, was cheery. In the morning a thundering on the door heralded the arrival of a pallet of CDs. And not just any CD, my CD. They look as well as I could have hoped, and sound great. Matt called around in the afternoon for coffee and to take some. Both feeling quietly proud.

Also I have been in touch with The Sussex Beacon an aids care charity, who will be doing a bucket shake at our concert. It is good to have an ethical dimension to things, and The Beacon took good care of my old pal Tim Gallagher in his last year or so, and I have never forgotten this.

Lorraine home early, and after I had cooked, she drove me off to listen to the choir rehearsing at Matt's, and Lorraine popped in to see Rosie. There were a couple of new faces including a promising Polish singer called Peter, and Adam Swayne who fancied helping and singing. Adam, Matt and I went off to meet Wayne at The Brunswick where there was their regular Jazz evening. Lots of good jazz for free. Bargain. Basically people just sitting in and swapping around. Some amazing playing and some pedestrian playing. All very democratic. One young guy who must have been no older than 18 an amazing Bebop whizz on piano, although he only had one way of playing, which was full throttle. Exhilarating though.

Home late.

Below: a glimpse at the Clameur CD, and a glimpse at the Brunswick's jazz night.

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