Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life resumes

Up and off again. A day of finishing off the pitch work, a line here, a line there. Most of the work done by 2 o'clock and I went with First Matie (who was pleased to return to the normality of work after going to her grandfather's funeral) Karam and Keith out to lunch in a pub. Karam and I chatting about India on the way home, as he'd only recently returned. Had showed me some photos of the Punjab and the Golden Temple at Amritsar. Some absolutely excellent. His father's family are Punjabi, and he had some amazing shots of people, especially one of a hawkish firelit man in profile.

Also had the opportunity in between jobs to chase the CD manufacturing people, delivery in two weeks apparently, which is not exactly speedy but early enough.

All the pitch work done and out the door by the end of the day. Paused briefly to hoover up a couple of free drinks before coming home to Lorraine. We went out to celebrate in the local curry house. No work tomorrow for me and my extensive plans include sleeping, and going to the gym.

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