Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jobs at hand

Cheerier despite the grey rain outside, and I felt lucky to be doing websites, a press release, and emailing the CD production company indoors rather than standing on some God forsaken train platform. Also thinking about a new short piece of poetry and music with Matt.

Decided it pays not to listen to the news. It is a wall-to-wall gloomfest, no wonder they call it a depression. Instead I am taking a Buddhist approach by focusing on doing the job at hand, whatever it is, as best I can.

Did a water change in the aquarium helped by Calliope and the problematic Basil who dipped her paw into the water. Lorraine back from work early, but simply so tired she boofed out on the sofa, after I served her a bowl of turkey surprise soup, and we sipped freshly made carrot, celery and apple juice. Compensated for all this by polishing off the absolute bloody final piece of a Christmas Pudding we discovered recently.

Gave up watching television and read some difficult Hungarian poetry in translation. Gave this up in favour of watching Larry Sanders, which seems to suit my mood perfectly. Especially the swearing. Then bed.

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