Sunday, January 15, 2012


Lorraine finally sent off her application and self assessment materials that will form the basis for her head teacher final interview. Now it's just getting herself organised for the interview board next month. I am looking forward to time when she is not working continuously.

Off to the gym to celebrate. Lorraine's first time for a while. She had a swim and a cross trainer session. I pushed myself hard, and felt butch afterwards. Later we undid some of the good work by gobbling a frozen turkey I had spotted with my recession busting eye being sold half price on Friday in the supermarket. Made a thick soup stock which will form the basis of meals until August.

A happy afternoon, snoozing and allowing myself to relax. Lorraine working more in the evening, while I started to redo my CV (resume) for my potential new client as my old one perished in the great computer and hard drive crash of last summer. Haven't had to show anyone a CV for about 20 years.

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