Saturday, January 28, 2012

A night with the Kyngs

Lorraine up to Kingston on a trip with Beth and Rosie to do some shopping. I however was feeling a little coldy so took the opportunity to lie low watching football and having a Larry Sanders fest. I have not almost viewed the whole thing, and I really like it.

In the evening off to see The Sumerian Kyngs at a boozer called The Horse and Groom. As Brighton's leading proponents of psychedelic swamp groove they did their thing with great aplomb. An enjoyable night, and some folks dancing. Odd juxtaposition of traditional boozer with exploratory, free form music. One thing I did notice however was the smell of sweat. It is quite a while since I went somewhere where there was uninhibited dancing, and in those days the cigarette smell masked everything. I think I prefered the cigarettes.

Wandered home afterwards to find Lorraine, with Beth and Kayleigh sipping win and chatting. Very nice to see Betty again and Kayleigh too.

Below a few snaps of the Kyngs, who include my pal Steve Cartwright who was enjoying himself immensely wielding a saxophone and doing his German bit in the Kyng's epic "The Russians are Coming" (bottom picture).

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