Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy house day

Finally Lorraine and I had time to do house things and hang pictures and going about the important business of moving a picture a foot to the left, and hanging some others. We had a great mess cull too. All this immensely satisfying. We went shopping for fish food flakes and on the way home up a couple of hundred yards away from where we live, and found the exact bookcase/storage unit we had been admiring online for half the price. In the same shop we also found a coatstand, which replaces the huge ancient and badly designed wardrobe in our hall. We simply bought them.

The owner agreed to drive it round the corner for us, and he and I lifted the immensely heavy thing indoors from the back of his big van. Much grunting and straining of back from me, and effortless lifting from the stringy little man in the shop. However we have a new hallway and the house much improved.

Cath who had come around for the evening, and we ate roasted vegetables and couscous dribbled with a delcious 'harrisa-style' sauce Lorraine had made. Cath back teaching and seeming to really enjoy it, and being stern with Lorraine about work things.

Watched Chelsea scrape a win on Match of the Day before heading tired, but satisfied, to bed.

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