Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Dark start

Up to London. Archetypal start to the year. As I always say, January is the Monday of the year, and it was raining and dark when I left home, becoming grey with glum-looking commuters shuttling up to London. Reading the Guardian and looking out of the window noticing how much the Shard has moved on, rearing up and piercing the sky near completion. Work surprisingly enjoyable, doing concept work with Keith and chatting to Matty boy and Katie. More sadly, First Matie lost her grandfather just before Christmas, and Nicola is burying her father this week.

After 18 years of fighting for justice, two of the murderers of Stephen Lawrence were finally found guilty. Lawrence was 18 when he was killed, and it is sobering to think that it took slightly longer than he was alive for justice to finally be done thanks to the tireless campaigning of his parents. On a murder note still reading My Dark Place Places by James Ellroy - which is incredibly raw and fascinating about his mother's murder when he was a child, and the havoc this wrought in his life.

Home again in reasonable time. Lorraine still working when I got in. We ate the last of the Christmas pudding tonight. Though there is an unopened one which I find my eyes drawn to often. Carl called, and it was great to hear from him. He says Ellie is very artistic, and bought a big book of portraits with the token I sent her. He has also been dodging hospitals lately and is in good health.

Lorraine and I watched the first episode of the new and rather splendid BBC adaptation of Great Expectations. Magwitch in the Marshes rather splendid.

Below a red bus on the rainwashed streets.

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