Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking for perspective

Getting things out of proportion today. The image of a chess player kept coming to mind. I felt I have been stroking my chin considering my next move against an enigmatic opponent. The gym helps a great deal. Otherwise all my doings seem like a hill of beans. All quiet on on the copywriting front despite the Taxman required necessity to keep busy. Unable to concentrate on my own work in the meantime, and my confidence is low when I should be tooting my trumpet to publicise the CD launch.

Listening to old podcasts, Yann Martel talking about The Life of Pi, and John Irving talking about A Prayer for Owen Meany. I found Life of Pi hard to love, but Martel an interesting man, who came from a secular background to become fascinated with religions while living in India. John Irving, as I supsected was just great. I learned that he always starts writing his books by writing the last line first.

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