Thursday, January 19, 2012


A bitty start to the day with my work Porlocked by Brian savaging Basil for no good reason, the cleaner Sonia sternly going about her business, and loquacious men from the YMCA coming to collect an old wardrobe, bookcase and an enormous CD rack abberation I bought a few years ago. Lorraine came home for a turkey soup lunch, and we left together to walk into town. L for a coaching session, and me to conduct some guerrilla filming with my wee Flip camera. Wandered about peering into shop windows at shop dummies and reflections and, inevitably, wandered down to the sea.

I was walking up past St Nicholas church and encountered Anna and Klaudia. Anna is dreading having to be Baby Spice for charity, and sing and dance on stage as she said she can't dance or sing. I pointed out that, in fairness, neither could Baby Spice. Klaudia straining at the leash to go shopping.

Off then to see Janet and Ken. Janet's arm healing well according to the mountebanks at the hospital who are surprised and pleased at her healing progress. Shot the breeze with them for a while, while scoffing a plate of biscuits and sipping early grey tea. Ken working on a collection of children's tales starring a character called Timmy. Janet talking about going for an 'experimental drive' soon. Sounded unsettling.

Home again where Lorraine had returned, prior to going out to train some governors at a school. I meanwhile sat on the Gold Sofa happily watching four episodes of Larry Sanders back to back, ingesting pizza slices and sipping a rum and coke before Lorraine returned.

Below: taking flight.

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