Monday, January 16, 2012


Found myself having to write a CV for the first time in ages to send off to my new potential client. Also chatted to mum who had had a medical test on her bones, but all was well.

In the afternoon off to the Unitarian Church to meet Matt and have a squint around as we are going to launch our CD there. It is bang in the centre of Brighton near the theatre royal, and across the road from the Dome, so it feels like a prestigious enough venue. Dipak joined us for the tour by Alison who works there. Alison returned to her office and Richard walked in from the street stamping and whistling to get the acoustic and sitting down at the piano to play The Goldberg Variations surprisingly well on the piano.

Richard asked why the Unitarians as they have no crosses, and Alison told us that Unitarians welcomed people of all faiths.

Matt and I left the Shakeys outside and went to the cheery Basketmakers to have a planning session over a beer. Nice to have some time to talk business and brainstorm. Made plans for the launch, and also discussed our next project. A regular called John, who is frequently in the Middle east wished us 'may your camel walk a thousand miles' as he left.

Home and after supper, Lorraine introducing me to the delights of SuperMario on the Wii before bed.

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