Friday, January 27, 2012

Nipping about

Nipping about town with purpose sending concert invites, a few CDs, picking up posters, dropping in on Anna to leave a present for Klaudia, leaving the CD for Alison Fearns at the local BBC, and generally being about my business.

Anna's house covered in scaffolding and the roof being removed, Anna apprehensive about the forecasted cold snap sans roof. Nice to have a chat with her.

Lorraine back early today, and we watched Melancholia the Lars Van Trier movie as we tucked into a takeaway.. Splendid intelligent movie about depression and the end of the world. Read all kinds of reviews of this film, but it is well worth a look, if a bit terrifying. Would have liked to have seen it in a cinema.

Matt has now chosen a third poem, to put into a sequence called Three Pieces for Poet and Piano, which will be unleashed on an unsuspecting public next month. They are Minotaur, Ophelia and Kafka and work well. Kafka will be good too I think, as it is a bit of a throwaway poem that can be made very funny in performance.

Below a detail from a frame from Melancholia.

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