Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bears and cats

Felt nervy this morning. I woke from a dream about being in a bleak land of huge clawing bears. Signed off the artwork for 'Clameur' and signed a confidentiality agreement for the new people I may be working with, plus attended to several less glamorous chores. Took myself to the gym, which helped a great deal.

L and I have taken to putting Basil outside to lose some weight as it is too fat for the catflap. In reality she sits outside the door peering in pleadingly. I popped around the corner to take some clothes to be recycled this afternoon and left a torn paper bag behind me. When I returned home I picked the bag up to throw it away to find that Basil who had stolen back in as I opened the door to leave had thoughtfully urinated in it. I slung her outside in punishment, but after mopping cat wee up, ten minutes later our neighbour Mark, who has our keys, let it back in thinking I was out. It was giving a convincing portrayal of starving and homeless.

Home and fiddled about with more bits of marketing for the CD and then a black gloom settled on me. Cooked some pasta and left Lorraine and a pal downstairs while I retreated upstairs to listen to Vaughan Williams and Michael Tippett and fiddle with and idea for another video for Clameur, while Calliope sat on my desk playing with my pens.

Below the camera must have steamed up when I shot this, as it is quite blurry, but this splash of colour really brightened my day.

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