Friday, January 06, 2012

Red Jet over dark water

After rushing away from work – a day I found quite demanding – tubed down to Waterloo, from where I caught a fast train to Southampton where I met Lorraine. Finished reading Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller while I was at it. Interesting play.

We got the Red Jet catamaran over to Cowes in the Isle of Wight. Felt great to be speeding across the Solent sipping a bottle cold of Amstel beer and looking out at the lights of the coast. At the Cowes harbour we were met by Anton. And we walked straight to The Coast bar, a rather splendid restaurant and bar owned by Anna’s brother Luke and his partner Lewis. We arrived and strode through the bar upstairs to Luke's apartment where there was a lovely supper waiting with sliced pork and cheeses. After this was consumed and general greetings made, we all went for some drinks in their bar afterwards. It was a gathering of Anna's family, so as well as Luke and Lewis, there was Anton and the children, Anna’s sister Gemma and her partner Joe, Anna’s parents Stephanie and David, and Brian. Next day Mark, Anna's other brother flew in from Dublin.

I felt rather tired, and after eleven I went to the house five minutes away that we all had rented. Anton and I put the children to bed, and I boofed out as Anton returned to the bar. Klaudia excited, and creeping about the house. Eventually she slept, and Lorraine returned top hat slightly askew, along with Anton, Anna and Brian.

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