Friday, January 13, 2012


Greatly enjoyed not zooming up to London today, but up early nevertheless. The day shadowed by the realisation that I had made a stuid error and completely misread my tax position sent me by my accountant a few months ago. I realised my bill is much larger than I had anticipated. The reason being I am paying last year's tax in arrears, but tax for this year is being paid currently in two lumps, so two lots of tax rather than one. Luckily I have had plenty of work lately or this revelation might have completely sunk me. As it is, I have a couple of uncomfortable months ahead but should experience no lasting harm.

In other news I went to the gym. Otherwise wan and tired, and after I had completed bits of billing and other admin for the CD and my business this afternoon, I snoozed on the sofa after watching a few episodes of Larry Sanders.

Met Lorraine for a spot of food shopping and we had a quiet night indoors. I watched a documentary, not a particularly good one, on the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. I am a big fan these days I love Lark Ascending of course but also Fanstasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis has become one of my favourite pieces of music. I discovered that RVW and I have the same birthday. Apparently he looked like a sack of potatoes but was very attractive to women even as a man in his 80s. The documentary billed it self as a psychological insight into RVW revealing the amazing fact that RVW liked women, but offered no insight when it came to the fact that the composer burnt his wife's chair and photos after her death, before hastily remarrying.

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