Sunday, January 08, 2012

A long return

Up and feeling fairly fresh. Went downstairs to watch some of the original Scooby doo from 1969 with Oskar and Anton and later Klaudia, the story exactly the same in each episode, but none the worse for that. Once everyone was up, we sloped back down to The Coast for a huge breakfast. Sat drinking coffee afterwards and David showed Lorraine and I photos of his recent art exhibition. Lorretta and her baby daughter and partner arrived for breakfast too. Not seen Loretta since Anton’s wedding getting on for nine years ago.

Then after many fond farewells, Anna, Anton, the bairns Lorraine and I got the Red Jet back to Southampton. Easy ride on sea flat as a millpond. Slinking in past a grey stealth warship and a huge castle like liner. Got to Southampton railway station, but then things became somewhat difficult and it took us well over four hours to get to Brighton, some 80 miles away. Trains cancelled, line works and bus replacements turned it all into a bit of a nightmare. But the children were well behaved and I played lots of chess with Klaudia, who is surprisingly good.

Home and pleased to find the cats hadn’t eaten each other’s faces off. Both Lorraine and I had urgent bits to sort out, which we duly did, while intermittently watching Sherlock Holmes.

Our own bed feeling fantastic.

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