Monday, January 30, 2012

Beetling about

Another bitty beetling about day. Had a much needed haircut, from my excellent new barbers, a distinct improvement on the previous walrus-faced one. Pleasantly chatty and intelligent. The one cutting my hair was a school Governor, with a passion for photography and geography.

After this, dropped some posters off with Marion at the Unitarian Church discussing the prospect of snow on the 11th Feb. This is an idea that Matt put into my head when we spoke today, but you can only worry about things you can control.

Watched the last of my Larry Sanders episodes after the gym, while eating beans on toast. Such a great series, way ahead of its time comedically, and great performances. Perhaps I will have to get on with my work now.

Lorraine coughing and feeling a bit rough today when she got home. We watched the second half of Birdsong on TV which was splendid.

Dreary IT struggles dept: trying to upload the track names to Gracenote, so that when people put the CD into their iTunes the track names come up instantly. There is a simple procedure which I followed to the letter. Naturally this hasn't worked and am now emailing gracenote. I am beginning to wonder if it is me. Sometimes I think the whole IT revolution is a way of multiplying the forms that need to be filled in.

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