Wreckage in the woods

Pleasantly busy. Up early reading a new brief from my pals in Paris, then prepping for a recording with Robin this morning, which we finished at 11:30. A text from Pat asking about my availability next week too, which was welcome. Off then for an early saunter over Hollingbury Hill. 

Went into some woods I have only been in a couple of times, and snapped some burnt out car parts that had been dragged in there. I know where there are some others. I might take soon. Reached my 10k paces.

All afternoon on a job for my pals in Paris about cat vaccinations, then a quick coat of mould-resistant paint on the ceiling of the bathroom, and started cooking when Lorraine returned home. She brought with her a thank you note from one of the parents, with two face mask gifts. Her son Dexter, is a Skelton Yawngrave fan, and chose a day of the dead themed pattern for me. 

Below the field I saw the falcon over the other day. Down in the woods at the bottom of this pic, is the wreckage. On my way home, a burst of sunlight, as I passed through Blaker's Park.