In want of escape

Lorraine and I up early, Lorraine off to work. And me prepping for a chat and recording with Robin about the podcast. Nice to chat with her, and have a bit of a laugh while recording things. Then spent time editing the four interviews I have done so far.

After a beans on toast lunch, an afternoon stroll up to the Hillfort and beyond. Walking back through the woods, school kids in gangs larking about, and the nearby playground for little kids crammed with older ones. There is zero social distancing in this age group -- nor among the younger one's mums chatting in groups on the streets. The return to schools, the government encouraging people back to work in offices, and the universities going back shortly are all factors that will strap a jet pack onto the already rapidly escalating figures. I find this situation quite nightmarish -- as if you could see the tsunami rushing in off the sea, but everyone else seems to be ignoring it. But then most people aren't hysterical hypochondriacs like me I suppose.

Chats with Mum and Anton today, and consulted Lorraine's indian cookery bible, and made a spicy  pea and cabbage curry, which turned out pretty fine actually when Kenny farm potatoes and  sausages were added. Far more appetising than it sounded.

Lorraine crept in very tired again, got her settled on the sofa, and we ate the cabbage curry and then had some of the delicious pear, apple and blackberry crumble she made the day before. She is finding the creaky fun of Death in Paradise very therapeutic. Nothing wrong with a bit of Caribbean sunshine on a Monday night.