Afternoon with Rosie and Innis

Up early this morning, as Lorraine had a date with Paul her hairdresser. She returned with lovely sleek hair.

Off this afternoon for Sunday lunch at The Cleveland, where we met Innis and Rosie for the first our booze since February. A really nice roast lunch, and then Rosie suggested we move outside to sit in the sun. A gorgeous day, and lovely to catch up. Innis still a bit shellshocked after the death of his good pal Groll, who he had been with through his last months. Things that would normally be extremely tough, are just made worse by general 2020ness. A good laugh however, and it did us all good I think. There are so many friends  Lorraine and I have barely seen this year.

A quiet evening, with a piece of melted cheese on toast for supper.

Below Rosie and Lorraine, Innis and moi, Rosie being peak Rosie with a tequila, and a dog and a buddha that Rosie spotted.