Monday and finished off a mind map about the podcast branding and sent it to Robin. Also had an idea for a short story, which I had to get down too. It was partly brought about my one of my frustration dreams, and an incident in a Kafka story I read at the weekend. I have never been able to finish either The Trial or The Castle, as they make me feel incredibly anxious. I finished re-reading Metamorphosis at the weekend. This is such a perfect story in so many ways. It seems to me so many of the anxiety dreams I have been are absolutely Kafkaesque.  Tinkered with the plot of Invisible Grace, which is the name of the follow up kid's story. I am going to keep going.

A chat with Anton this morning, on his way into an actual office for the first time in months.

Sugar soaped the bathroom downstairs in preparation for painting it tomorrow. 

Received an email from Lynne in Paddington wondering if I had any availability this week for them. I said yes. They were not asking if I should come in to see them.

A walk this lunchtime, I am walking now in the middle of the day, because the streets are filled with children, who are let out at staggered times, and are no respecters of social distancing. Meanwhile, the infection rate is rocketing upwards, the UK test and trace system cannot cope. Not hearing results for two weeks is not unusual. It is going to be a long winter. Listened to my audiobook on The Old Testament while on my travels. Dogmatic is the word that comes to mind.

Otherwise little to report. Lorraine survived another day, to be looked after by me at home. 

Below warm sun and blue sky on my walk. Proper tomato ripening weather.