Anton's birthday

Up with Lorraine and was at my desk at 7:30 when Lorraine left. Feeling anxious this morning, like there was a fire alarm going off in one of the rooms but you can never get to it. However I managed to take Pat and Maureen some tea in bed, then nipped around the corner to get some chewy brown bread for Maureen to take back with her.  Plumbers due between 10 and half past, so making sure they were breakfasted before then. The plumber and his mate were late, of course, and meanwhile I had been phoned by Val with an urgent job to turn around. Managed to do this while the plumber was raging his innocence "100%, on my kid's life" etc. on his speaker phone, taking repeated calls about a job that hadn't gone quite right before.

Sent back the French work rapidly, then immediately wished I had spent more time on it. The plumbers finished their job, replacing a radiator in the kitchen, and all was good. Beth had come around, as she had been to Lorraine's school to receive Lorraine's safeguarding training for kids, as she is going to be teaching some drama there. I scrambled some lunchtime eggs for Pat and Maureen, and then Beth drove what she calls her precious cargo back to Ashford. I felt a little sad to see Pat and Maureen go.

I was feeling a little more relaxed this afternoon. Went for a walk which helped too, listening to the daily life of ordinary scorpion-alert Ancient Egyptians.

Lorraine and Beth both back from their missions at the same time, Beth clutching a lidded tumbler of whisky that Pat had given her. She zoomed off home, and Lorraine and I drove around to Anton's house, whose birthday it was today. We sauntered down to The Cow (formerly, the Tin Drum) with Anne, Klaudia and Oskar and had a tasty Thai meal there. A couple of drinks too. I found I was rather in need of the first one.

Had also messaged Bob, whose birthday it also is.