Pizzas at Anton's house

The backdrop of life is getting twitchy again, with the infection rate rocketing, not to mention the UK government prepared to break legally binding agreements it made with the EU. 

However, I stopped off for a quick chat with my glass pals meeting in the park this lunchtime. They sat, as usual, in a fairy ring of chairs near the rotunda. Adele gave me another mug for Lorraine, which was very sweet of her.   Making my excuses, I made my way to Anton's house where I was put to work on the back of the house where I scrambled up the scaffolding where I gave the back of the house another coat of paint. I find painting quite therapeutic, and it was lovely bright day for such work. Then around to the front to paint his front garden wall and entrance.

A brief chat with Anna, who stopped by to drop Oskar off, I'd not seen her for ages. 

This done, it was one of Anton's famed pizza nights, and Lorraine and Anne joined us in the kitchen as Anton made pizza, played records from the 'D' section of his record collection. Oskar, in the now time honoured way of teenage lads, could be heard yelling at the screen of the game he was playing with his pals upstairs. Klaudia, in the time honoured way of teenage lasses, was up her room all night talking to her friends. Screens a blessing in these covid times. Lorraine and I caught a cab home. My top hat askew and belly bursting with delicious pizza. I would rather eat Anton's pizza than any other in Brighton.