Up and at em today, wearing my new teeshirt. 

We had planned to have Jess and Andrew around today, but they had to cry off having been exposed to a grandchild with a temperature. Otherwise did general tidying and so on. Lorraine needing a bit of a recharging day.

Beth and her new pal James came around this evening. Beth wanted lager, and as we had none, I popped into the off licence nearby, telling the owner through my facemask that I was pleased it was warming up again (it is going to be warm for a few days) as there is a race between me and the snails for my tomatoes before they ripen. The bloke at some distance behind me said his money was on the snails.

A cheery evening. A Shahi curry delivered, and played a bit of Euchre. James, not really a card player, was a bit bamboozled by the right and left bower business -- as it has bamboozled many before him. 

Pow! Me with mad hair and a powerful new teeshirt.