Rendered speechless

Up early, and shortly after Lorraine left for school, I sauntered over to Anton's house to help out for a day. Anton and Oskar not there when I arrived, however. When they came, and we all worked on the front of the house, doing and I did sanding and filling the wooden window frames with a noxious smelling wood filler all day. This enlivened by listening to lectures on the fate of slaves in ancient Greece. Anton rustled up a fine lunch of french fries, and bratwurst, and it was nice to chat to him and Oskar, whose look now includes a small rucksack to be worn indoors as well as in transit. Lovely to see how encouraging Anton is with Oskar, and how hard Oskar has been grafting. Anton took him back to Anna's house early afternoon, and we did a bit more before drinking a couple of cold beers in his back garden. Tormentingly there were a couple of spits of rain, but luckily no deluge to wash out the rendering Anton had been doing all day. Anton pretty exhausted, rendered speechless in fact, having slaved hard on the scaffolding when not doing his demanding job.

I walked stiffly back home through the park, my bag bulging with pears from Anton's garden, and sat outside with another beer in my back garden till Lorraine came home, having stopped off at Beth's place. I popped around the corner to collect a Red Chillies curry. Lorraine had a pretty difficult day, and needed to simply crash out this evening.

Message from Toby, very pleased that he will not have to teach children face to face for the next six months.

Below one of the strange little painted sculptures in the rose garden at Preston Park. Apparently they stood on the corners of the Aquarium clock tower and were moved here in 1928. There were four originally, and two are missing. A picture of me doing manly work, holding a sander. I took it while Adele messaged me, to illustrate I was up some scaffolding, she said it was like a picture of a person doing extreme ironing. This photo does me no favours, and good God I need another haircut.