Tarot, and the wild rain

Working on the French brief about cat vaccinations all day. My old pal Keith called me, and we may be doing a wee bit of work together one way or another soon. Out this evening to see Anton, at his house. Just catching Lorraine for a bit, before I left. 

Walked there in the teeming rain, but I had a big golf umbrella so was fine.

We just hung out drinking a few beers and eating Anton's amazing pizzas. A board game set up, based on the Lord of the Rings, and Anton had spent forever painting each character individually and there seemed to be hundreds of them, everything from Oiliphants to Orcs, Nazguls to Hobbits, all painted in meticulous detail. More surprising than this, that after listening to some tunes and eating till I felt like bursting, was that Anton got out his Tarot pack and did a tarot reading. Just writing that last sentence makes me feel I have fallen through a tear in the fabric of reality into another world. Lovely cards though. And also he had an oracle pack, where I drew a card. They had been made by an American couple and they are beautiful and thought provoking. 

Home in the teeming rain too. I walked through Preston Park in the dark, with the rain rattling on the umbrella and really enjoyed it. There is something about being outside at night in heavy rain, as if the rain was a wild thing. Walked past a car parked in the park, with just its side lights on and four men smoking joints inside. The car light was on inside and even through the rain it looked exceedingly smoky. 

Crept gratefully into bed next to a sleepy Lorraine.