Lazy Sunday

Woke up at 6:50 with a load of stuff in my head which needed writing down in the form of a mindmap, so simply got up and did so, before returning to bed with tea. Read another essay by Hélèn Cixous from the Stigmata collection which was a cracker. What a writer.

However in a get up and go kinda mood, so we leapt out of bed and fell on some kippers. Then had a bit of a mooch around the Blaker's Park, talking about how Lorraine needs to prioritise work and self care. 

Betty called around for coffee a bit of brunch later, and to rumple Brian's head after he brought her a catnip fish to say hello. 

This afternoon Lorraine taught me how to make crumble for the bag of rhubarb she had been given, and she also made some of the weirdly wonderful courgette bread, which is sweet like banana bread. Also we roasted a chicken and then watched our last episodes of Schitt's Creek, which was fun and touching. It turns out it won loads of Emmy awards tonight too.