Rain and toilet rolls

Cold in my office and a chilly, rainy day. Autumn has arrived with a bad attitude. Interviewed Elizabeth Murtough, a southern Californian woman living in Dublin, who has started a magazine that is to do with environmental concerns. 

Then off to Bradley the back cracker, which I used as an opportunity to get a six mile walk in. Shortly after I stepped outside, an absolutely foul deluge for about five minutes, luckily I had a wet top but my trousers were soaked to the skin. Once I arrived, dry again, Bradley assured me that I am showing more flexibility in my neck and back. As the end user of the spine, I am not so sure. He is now wearing surgical gloves as well as a face mask as he was telling me about going to the pub quiz the night before. He tried to 'release' the stiff part of my spine, which did not work.

Back again, listening to my Old Testament lecture series. Near the end now. Left wondering, in contrast to the lecturer who I find hard to love, how humanity has managed to derive so much from so many unpleasant and conflicting stories about an insignificant tribe.

Meanwhile in today's world, infection rates climbing wildly, the supermarkets being locusted of pasta, rice and toilet rolls. I walked past a middle aged Chinese couple unloading their car of several dozen toilet rolls. So bizarre. 

Home and did a little more work, and then fixed up a chicken curry, for Lorraine and I. Another Death in Paradise. We have also gone back to Cylons, and watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Another earlyish night.