A random path

Up just after six, as Brian and the black and white cat where having a fight outside the back door. I got up and scared the bejesus out of the B&W bastard, fed the cats then made tea for Lorraine and I. Another hard day for Lorraine today. Someone phoning her late in the evening about work too. I wish I could do more to help.

I, however, simply finished the the French work this morning, and some podcast editing. Also sent off the Centaur words, finally, to Helen. These were the last words in the last scene of the opera, and I am hoping she likes them. I made the action operatic as possible.  In the afternoon a walk, listening to The Other Side of History, and this time about life in Britain after the Romans left, and it made me think we were living at a time when civilisation is waning too. Time to bury the precious things in hoards for the barbarians are coming. However, it was lovely to be out on the edge of the countryside, looking at fields and walking in scraps of woods and so on.

Lorraine home and stressed, having to take a late call. She had a shower, and I fed her my delicious chicken stew and had some chocolate that Dawn left from yesterday, and things were a little better. 

Below just a random bit of path that I walk through a woody bit of the golf course...