Thursday, June 02, 2016

Worm work

Still unnaturally cold for June. Lorraine at home, which made working on cat fleas and worms happier. Still went into the garden and stood about in the cold, composing a letter of complaint to the gods, that this is supposed to be June 2nd. Also called by Matty and will have a little more work to do with him tomorrow and early next week. In the evening, sorting out some Telltale stuff. Lorraine and I went to The Park View for a bite to eat and a chat, after we went to the Preston Park Tavern and they had another sign about not being able to pay with a card. I love having Lorraine about so much in half term.

Mason's stay in hospital is dragging on. It is very tiring for Mum to be visiting him every day, and generally worrying for everyone.

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