Monday, June 13, 2016

Up to Edgware

Up to London this morning to work in Chiswick on the rabid dogs business, and to work with Bei Li with whom I haven't worked with since she was a junior art director. She's all grown up now with two kids. Very easy to work with her, so the day comparatively easy.

It finally clicked that the front door of the office I work at in Chiswick, is just behind the garden of the flat I lived in in my last year in living in Chiswick before moving to Brighton. If I chose to, I could peer into my old bedroom. Strange looking at it now, and realising how far life has moved on since that unhappy year in Thornton Avenue.

Weirdly, still feeling a tad groggy after the weekend's arse invasion. But I suppose it is only to be expected.

After work, I rain dodged up to Stanmore on the train. Met someone I used to work with, Aaron, on the tube. Had not always seen eye to eye with him, but found myself wishing him all the best and meaning it.

Walked to Mum's house and we went out for a meal and a much needed glug of wine. Nothing changing on the Mason front, and he is still in hospital waiting for someone to make a decision about his treatment. Hospitals really are a ghastly Kafkaesque business. At least he is enjoying his TV, to relieve the endless boredom and anxiety.  Mum and I had a curry in the unambiguously named Curry Centre. While not the Platonic heart of great curry, it does not a bad one. Mum got a few wines on board, and it was the first time she had relaxed for a while.

Home to bed, and the milling of well-fed cats.

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