Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Alienated from my mojo

I bought a tea from the mobile tea, coffee and snack stand outside Preston Park. Noticed that it is called The Daily Grind, which struck me as particularly funny today. I like the owner, who is cheery and plays Jazz on his little portable speaker.  

To work, feeling ill and tired. I have rarely felt so alienated from my mojo. The day punctuated by meeting Jess at lunchtime for a chat about Telltale in the local cheap Italian. Jess is funny, and full of personality and is very switched on. Just the opposite to how I was feeling.  

Left the office late to go to see Jess read in the Barbican. However as I was walking along the street I realised I was actually feeling really quite poor, so made for St Pancras instead. Felt faint and shaky by the time I got to the platform. The doors jammed at Farringdon resulting in delays. Eventually got to Brighton, recovering from what had been a spectacular thunderstorm. Taxied home, and as Beth was out with Dylan and Kitty talking about theatre business, and Lorraine was out with school chums I fashioned myself a supper of fish fingers and baked beans. Spoke to Mum and then after chatting briefly with Lorraine and Beth simply went to bed. 

Lorraine and I watching lightning from bed for a bit. Exhausted.

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