Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Revolting commuters

A toast breakfast with Mum, then sloped travelled from Stanmore to Turnham Green dodging the start of torrential rain in west London. Work was fine and I was all done by 5, so made it home fairly early.

The ghastly train situation I was moaning about last week resulted in a protest in Brighton Station. When I arrived there were dozens of people in a group making a good deal of noise. All very middle class though, with bemused looking transport police standing about. At least one local news source said the protest started late because of delayed trains.

Lorraine picked me up from the back of the station, and just before as I was buying some skinless chicken thighs from my former 'larder' the M&S in the station, there was a cancellation announced over the loudspeakers, which was met with hearty booing and jeers. All good fun, and I was in full sympathy.

Lorraine picked me up, and home where Beth was making a noodle-based repast. Nice to be home. Phoned mum later, after watching some footie. Ended the call because the Tobster was calling her too. An early night.

Below: revolting commuters.

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