Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glimpses of gardens

Sunday, and thank God nothing to get up for at the crack of sparrows. Raining hard this morning. Up and a leisurely Quorn sausage sandwich breakfast, and after a quick chat with mum. L and I decided to go out, scoop up Rosie Taylor, and zoom off to Henfield to look at some gardens and scraps of art in the village open gardens. Nothing too spectacular, though Lorraine and I bought a slightly sinister Green Man head to smuggle among the ferns of our stumpery. It might give people a nasty turn among the ferns.

Rosie in good spirits. While in Henfield we also saw Dawn, who had been visiting her parents who live in the village. Then into a pub for a late lunch where we all ate pork belly and cabbage. There were a band of old trad jazzers in there, and an appreciative snowy haired audience who clapped the stately drum solo at the appropriate moment. Swapped messages with the Tobster as Lorraine and Rosie talked passionately about education. Strangely still feeling curiously sedated after yesterday, and after a couple of pints of Tanglefoot, felt the call of the gold sofa grow strong in me, and a curious desire to watch Poland and Northern Ireland scuff out a 1-0.

A fairly early night after supper, and the joys of Germany vs Ukraine.

Below two glimpses of Henfield gardens.

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