Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mason back home

Heard from Mum today that Mason has been released back into the wild for a while, before he starts  his operations in a week or so. Must be great to be at home after being in a Kafkaesque limbo for so long.

Up fairly early this morning as Lorraine had a hair appointment. I went off to the gym (pausing at the Brighton Tavern to hand back a Stars and Stripes that Lorraine borrowed for a Beth performance) where I did manly sweaty things for some time, and had a shower there. Then to the Starbucks to work for a bit. Starbucks is reprehensible for all kinds of reasons, but it is the place I find easiest to work in. Then I met up with a sleek haired Lorraine and soon we jumped on a bus to Fiveways where Lorraine was drawn like a bee to a flower to the shop called Preloved, a posh second hand shop full of designer ladies clothes. They sat me down and Lorraine ended up buying four items. Rather good stuff there.

The rest of the afternoon rather slothful, before we roused ourselves to go out to meet Anton in the Joker for some beer and woof woof wings, Lorraine had originals.  I found my woof woofs rather intense and burny tonight. Saw photographs of his walking tour, and generally caught up. Good to lap up some beers with Anton though. Home quite early.

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