Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Seeing Mas

Slept well at Mum’s place. Then up and working straight away for a few hours.  Another very hot day. When I was finally free of work, Mum and I walked to Edgware to buy ant killer 'bait station' to deal with the bazillion tiny ants walking about in the kitchen. Mum very conflicted about killing them, and wanted to try using talcum powder, which apparently is a top class ant repeller. Later we left for the hospital on the bus, a slow route through the glories of Borehamwood and Elstree.  Arrived at Barnet  Hospital under what Mum called a sulphurous sky, which obligingly began to flash and thunder.

Mas has been sleeping really badly, and is falling asleep mid sentence. Not good to see him so tired. He tried to go to sleep while we were there, but his breathing machine he uses to help with his sleep apnoea was making him feel claustrophobic. We stayed with him for three hours, he felt like he couldn’t breathe but this I think was anxiety because they tested his blood oxygen while we were there and it was good.  The windows behind him were opened which helped. Pretty ghastly three hours there, feeling very sorry for Mas. We were told a doctor was coming too, but although we were told several times she was coming, and she was in the same room, she went home without seeing him.  Everyone feeling cross about this. But the nursing staff were excellent I thought.

A bit of a sombre journey home. Said goodbye to mum at Elstree station, she remained on the bus, and my journey home took ages, due to train cancellations, due to lack of crews, caused by some bungling of industrial relations by Southern Rail. 

Lorraine had cooked an amazing pie, which we fell upon hungrily when I got home. She'd had a trying  day at school, and we talked about this somewhat, before repairing exhaustedly to bed.

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